The children and youth psychologist’s association – the voluntary public organization, which connect psychologists, who works with children and youth.

The basic purpose of association is to unite the psychologists who work with children and youth for career’s development.

The main goals of association are:

1.      To support the members of association in their career and to represent their interests.
2.      To promote the psychological help in Lithuania.
3.      To motivate psychologists’ who work with children and youth to get the right qualification.
4.      To create the system of career qualification and to make its valid.
5.      To initiate preparation of psychological diagnostics, to standardize and approbate it.
6.      To do scientific and practical psychological researches.  
7.      To organize the conferences and the seminars to solve psychological questions.

@ 2015 Vaikų ir jaunimo psichologų asociacija